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Precision Coating Services

MIRWEC is a test and roll coating service provider with extensive experience in flexible web handling and roll-to-roll coating on thin film substrates. Our expertise was cultivated through more than 40 years of trial coating and contract coating collaborations with major corporations in Japan. Our expertise in web handling and R2R coating on flexible thin film substrates allows us to design the most effective, most cost efficient coating method for our customers in any industry. Our onsite coating process engineers are trained in Japan at our sister company, Labo Co., Ltd., and they have the ability to quickly assess customer needs and develop the coating process with utmost care and knowledge. In addition to our know-how and coating expertise, our impressive lineup of Yasui Seiki’s meticulously aligned, well-orchestrated coating machines built with Japanese workmanship can help create products no other machine can.

Project Development Process at MIRWEC Coating

Mirwec is the only coating machine manufacturer in the world capable of designing one-of-a-kind custom coating machines tailored to each customer’s needs while also providing toll coating services and expert consultation.

1. Contact

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    Contact us using the online form.

  • Mirewec posttrial phone

    Call us at 812-331-7194 ext. 108.

2. Initial Discussion

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    1. We will hold a Q&A session to clarify the purpose and the goal of your project.

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    2. Once we determine that our expertise can, in fact, help you, we will select a suitable machine for your project.

  • Mirwec discussion date

    3. We will propose a number of days necessary to perform your coating.

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    4. We will send you a Terms & Conditions of Coating Service.

3. If Necessary…

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    1. Facility Tour
    We encourage customers to visit for a facility tour and have a face-to-face discussion prior to commencement.

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    2. Brief pre-test
    Depending on the type of materials, we may propose to run a short pre-test to make sure our larger machines can perform the coating.

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    3. NDA
    If necessary, we will exchange NDA prior to the test.

4. Reservation

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    1. We will discuss and decide on the schedule together.

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    2. Once we decide on the date(s), we will send you a formal quotation.

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    3. Once we receive a formal Purchase Order from you, the reservation is considered official.

5. Coating Trial

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    1. The trial begins at 9am and ends at 4pm (includes 1 hr lunch)

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    2. We will start with the kick-off meeting and agree on the agenda of the day.

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    3. Perform coating trial.

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    4. At the end of each day, we will have a wrap-up meeting to discuss the results and issues, if any, of the trial, give you a feedback, and propose an action forward.

6. Post Trial

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    We will ship all materials back to you.

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    We will send you a copy of coating parameters, and a summary of what we have discussed.

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    Please contacts us if you have any questions or concerns.

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