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Commonly asked coating questions

Are There Any Restrictions On What We Can Use At Your Facility?

Yes, our plant does not accept Hazard Class 5 & 6 chemicals.

Can We Coat UV Curable Resins?

Yes, we have a UV cure system utilizing a high-voltage mercury lamp on μCoater™ 350, μCoater™ 650, and IS-1600 1600. For detailed specs, please contact us directly. Additionally, in 2019 we will be installing Heraeus’s LED-UV with four types of wavelengths on IS-700.

Can We Observe the Coating Tests?

Yes, we prefer that you be on site. We will operate all machinery, but we ask the customers for sample evaluation (visual inspection, thickness measurement, etc.). The issues can be resolved quickly if the custom can be onsite to give immediate feedback, which will help you reduce your time and cost.

Do We Procure All Materials?

Yes. In principle, all materials, including the substrate and chemicals must be procured and sent to our facility prior to the trial. For very common solvents and films, however, we can prepare them and bill them to you later.

Do you have a mixing facility? Can we prepare coating solutions onsite on the day of coating?

Yes, we have some mixing equipment onsite. We have propeller type mixer, dispersion mixer, jar mill, etc. Please contact us for more details.

Do You Offer Pretreatment Of The Substrate?

Yes. We can do corona treatment.

How do you calculate the substrate length?

Use this online substrate/web calculator: https://www.ns-slitter.co.jp/en/technology/calc

How Thick of a Coating Can You Deposit?

Yasui Seiki’s patented technology, MICROGRAUVRE™ can deposit as thin as 1um wet. For thicker coatings, slot die and knife can deposit up to about 1000um (1mm) wet.

We Don't Have Any Coating Experience. Can We Still Use Your Facility?

Yes. MIRWEC Coating is staffed with extremely experienced coating engineers and operators who can support you from the beginning until the end. We will analyze your project, plan out the most efficient and cost-effective custom process for you, and handle all operations of the coating machine. We will also summarize the test result, list issues and offer suggestions for improvement.

We Only Have A Very Small Amount of Chemistry and Substrate. Can We Still Run A Trial?

Yes. Our smallest coating machine can be operated with as little as 40mL of solution with MICROGRAVURE™. For a short substrate, we can splice it onto a longer lead film and thread it through the machine.

What Can Mirwec Coating Do?

Using multiple size coating machines, we can apply wet coating onto various types of substrate such as plastic film, metal foil, paper and nonwovens. Our service is suitable for product development, sample production, small-scale production, and contract trials and productions.

What is "Wet Coating"?

Mainly, there are two methods of coating: “dry coating”, which is spattering and vapor deposition, and “wet coating”, which is depositing liquid solutions or slurries onto substrate.  At MIRWEC Coating, we offer the MICROGRAUVRE™ coating method, which is one of the highest precision coating technologies; slot die coating method, which is the most utilized coating methods in the US; as well as knife/ comma coating method, suitable for thicker depositions.

What Is Your Cleanroom Rating?

Our newest coater, IS-700, has a Class 1000 cleanroom. IS-1600 and SG-700 are both in Class 3000 cleanrooms.

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