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MIRWEC Coating was founded in 2002 in Bloomington, Indiana by Yoshinari Yasui (CEO of Yasui Seiki Co., Ltd.) as the US branch for Labo Co., Ltd., the first ever R&D Coating Research Center built in Japan in 1984 by Yoshinari Yasui. Labo is known to be the authority in coating techniques in Japan, and has partnered with major Japanese corporations and universities to develop the cutting edge coating techniques that make the impossible possible. The expert coating engineers at Labo own numerous Japanese patents in this field and have copublished numerous academic papers.

Coating engineers at MIRWEC Coating have been trained at Labo or are dispatched directly from Labo to deliver the same exceptionally high quality service we provide in Japan.

Having Yasui Seiki Co., Ltd., the world’s leading manufacturer in custom precision coating machines as the parent company, and Labo Co., Ltd., the authority of coating techniques in Japan as the sister company, MIRWEC Coating has the ability to support the US partners with the full extent of in-depth know-how in both coating technique and coating technology. We know coating.

Yasui Seiki Group

Our History

November 1980

  • Yasui Seiki Company, Ltd. headquarters was established in Kanagawa, Japa
November 1984

  • Labo Co., Ltd. was established
February 1991

  • Yasui Seiki USA was established in Bloomington, IN USA
April 1994

  • Labo, Ayase R&D Center was
    established in Kanagawa, Japan
June 2001

  • Labo, Omura Branch was established in Nagasaki, Japan
September 2003

  • MIRWEC Film, Inc., originally the BOPP manufacturer, was acquired by Yasui Seiki. Test and toll coating equipment were moved from Japan, Yasui Seiki USA merged with the location and Yasui Seiki-MIRWEC Film was established
May 2006

  • Yasui Seiki Omura R&D Center was established in Nagasaki, Japan
June 2006

  • The largest coating machine (IS-1600) was installed at Yasui Seiki-MIRWEC film
June 2007

  • Yasui Seiki Omura R&D Center was expanded
October 2008

  • Yasui Seiki Assembly Plant was established in Kanagawa, Japan
December 2010

  • Yasui Seiki Omura R&D Center was expanded for the second time
October 2016

  • The cleanest state-of-the-art machine (IS-700) was installed at Yasui Seiki-MIRWEC Film
August 2018

  • MIRWEC Film changed the name to MIRWEC Coating
July 2019

  • The largest lab scale machine Mini-Labo DX RL350 was installed at the MIRWEC Coating

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