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Yasui Seiki’s New Demo Room for Roll-to-Roll Test Coaters Opens in Bloomington, Indiana

Yasui Seiki, precision coating machine designer and manufacturer, launched a new demo room at their Bloomington, IN facility. The roughly 1000 sq. ft. demo room features five test and pilot coating machines. One of these, the μCoater 650TM, is the first of its model to be installed in the US.

Chief Operating Officer Taku Kusano says, “Yasui Seiki has been supporting the Japanese flexible thin film industry for over 40 years. It is my wish to contribute to the technology development in the US and offer easier access to our well-established Japanese coating technology in the US.”

The μCoater 650TM is the newest addition to Yasui Seiki’s packaged coaters. It has Yasui Seiki’s patented MICROGRAVURETM, slot die coating head, UV cure, dry laminator and 1.5m counterflow dryer. As always, Yasui Seiki’s test and pilot coaters are designed for their versatility. MICROGRAVURETM and slot die coating heads together cover a wide coating thickness range of 0.5μm to over 400μm wet coating. It handles aqueous, solvent and UV coatings very well, and the counterflow dryer is carefully designed to offer balanced drying to protect the uniform coating surface in a short oven. A μCoater 650TM has been installed at the Southern University of Science and Technology in China as well as at the R&D facility of the biggest automobile manufacturer in Japan.

Director of Coating Operations at MIRWEC Coating, Takeshi Chakihara, says, “μCoater 650 TM is a handy coater. I tried optical coating using MICROGRAVURETM, and battery electrode coating using slot die. It has a minimum setup time and clean up is very easy.”

Yasui Seiki CEO, Yoshinari Yasui, has a personal attachment to the beautiful college town of Bloomington, IN. He says, “I wish to bring in more business to this small town to contribute to the prosperity of the local community.“

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