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Yasui Seiki’s MICROGRAVURE™ Coating Method Continues to Provide Excellent Results in Thin Battery Coating

The Test & Toll Coating Service Division at Yasui Seiki’s subsidiary, MIRWEC Film Inc, in Bloomington, Indiana, has been experiencing unprecedented growth since the end of 2013 due to rising demands in manufacturing thin battery components. Yasui Seiki has installed five coating machines with its patented MICROGRAVURE™ coating method, as well as a variety of slot dies, at MIRWEC. Recently the company has been supporting customers in anode/cathode coating as well as battery separator coatings. MICROGRAVURE™ can easily, quickly and evenly apply less than 3 microns of a variety of slurry and other coatings onto substrates with less than 2% variation. The web thickness that has been successfully handled has been as thin as 8 microns.

Consumer demand is increasing so much that Yasui Seiki’s existing coating lines can no longer handle all requests. The company has a plan in place to build a brand new 700mm-wide coating machine exclusively for battery coating customers. The door to the new coating room is scheduled to open in early 2016. The MICROGRAVURE™ coating method has had a very solid client base in Japan for over 30 years, and Yasui Seiki has been very excited to see the growth in the USA in recent years.

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