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Yasui Seiki Japan is moving and expanding in Fall 2019!

Yasui Seiki Japan started the fabrication of their fourth and largest Coating Machine Assembly Plant as well as their new Headquarters building in Kanagawa, Japan. This assembly plant, with the impressive 12,000 sq. ft. building, is large enough to build six production-scale coating machines at the same time. Chief Operating Officer, Taku Kusano, explains, “The expansion has been overdue. Our production schedule for large, production-scale coaters is booked until 2025, and orders are only increasing.” Yasui Seiki also doubled the number of design engineers in the past couple of years, but their lead-time is known to be very long. Mr. Kusano says, “We are doing everything we can to keep up with the current market demand without compromising the world renowned Yasui Seiki quality. We train design engineers for minimum three years until their design can be approved as Yasui Seiki design. Our focus remains the same: Quality over Quantity.“

The current headquarters in Ayase, Kanagawa, Japan was built back in 1980. “It can no longer house all of our new employees. We added designers, assembly engineers, new sales forces over the past couple of years, and it was time for us to move to the new location,” says Mr. Kusano. Yasui Seiki has doubled the size of their engineering team, including design, assembly, and sales personnel. They hired a new General Manager and plan to further increase staff throughout their other functions. Both the new Assembly Plant and the new Headquarters will be operational beginning in September of this year.

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