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Yasui Seiki Japan Develops Non-Silicone Release Film using Homopolymer Polypropylene Film

[Summary] Yasui Seiki Japan developed non-silicone laminated film. The film consists of three layers: a release layer (99.99% pure polypropylene), an adhesive layer, and PET. Eliminating all additives from the polypropylene to protect its purity is the key to easy release. The heat tolerance has been improved from the PP’s normal 80 deg. C to 120 deg. C. The surface texture can be glossy or mat. Yasui Seiki is working closely with the customers to increase the effectiveness of the film and is getting ready to launch it on the market.

Yasui Seiki’s subsidiary, Labo, Co., Ltd. handled the research and development. Yasui Seiki will purchase PP film for high voltage capacitors from the US subsidiary, MIRWEC Film. In addition to the main application as the non-silicone release film, the new film has a wide range of possibilities. It could replace PET use in wrapping, post-mold decoration, sandmat process, etc.

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