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MIRWEC Coating’s expertise in thin flexible film coating and web handling was cultivated through more than 40 years of test coating and contract coating collaborations with major corporations in Japan

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AlphaMicron has worked with MIRWEC for over a decade for both developmental and production coating needs. MIRWEC has a broad range of equipment and coating methods at its facility, providing an ideal facility for testing new materials while providing a path to production level coating at a single location. While some other coating facilities treat lower volume customers as a differently, MIRWEC always provided excellent support to our company from the start when we were coating a few hundred meters of film. MIRWEC worked with us optimizing coating conditions by evaluating different coating techniques, allowing  us to transition from a developmental procedure to high quality production level coatings Technical support is also fantastic, with expertise available to create the best coating for your application. Whatever your coating needs, MIRWEC should be on your list of companies to talk with when looking for a coater.

Paul Luchette, Director of Material Development, AlphaMicron
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Chasm Technologies was a process development consulting group specializing in roll-to-roll processing between 2008 and 2015.  For several of our clients the technology capability of Yasui Seiki and the facility at MIRWEC were ideal for exploring coating and drying operating windows for a wide range of product concepts.  The engineering design and equipment quality provided a solid foundation on which to build a process at a pilot scale. Having larger units available in the same location provided as smooth transition to scale.  Most importantly, the flexible, diligent staff supporting operations was a critical component to allow the exploration of process options and ideas expeditiously. Seeing the new development center recently added to the facility in which we had worked in the past can only enhance the customer experience.

Robert F. Praino, Jr., Co-Founder/COO, Chasm Advanced Materials, Inc.
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After numerous unsuccessful trials using slot die with different providers, the extremely knowledgeable coating engineers at MIRWEC were able to produce transparent conductive films using our carbon nano ink with their MICROGRAVURE™ technology.

Kun Bai, Chief Operating Officer, XinNano Materials

What Mirwec Coating Can Do For You

Roll-To-Roll Coating Feasibility Test

You developed a new flexible coating material, but you don’t know how to coat it? Or you tried hand coating and the result was good, but you are not sure if a R2R coater can give you the same result.

We can help you. At MIRWEC Coating, we offer FREE one-time hand coating and material assessment. You can then run a very affordable feasibility test on small roll-to-roll lab coaters or pilot-scale coaters equipped with MICROGRAVURE™ and slot die coating methods.

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New Flexible Material Development

You already have a coating machine, but you are developing a new product that require different specifications.

We can help you. MIRWEC Coating has the technology and know-how to help develop new coating processes, and evaluate and give you feedback on a coated product.

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Sample Product Manufacturing

You need a facility to make new prototype materials or evaluation samples. We can help you.

MIRWEC Coating has many different size roll-to-roll coaters to facilitate the production of small to large volume samples.

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Small Volume Contract Manufacturing

You need to make coated products, but the volume requirement does not justify the purchase of a machine.

We can help you. We have three production-scale, two pilot-scale, and three lab-scale coating machines to handle whatever volume production you may need.

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New Product Contract Development

You have an idea for a new flexible product, but you don’t have time or facility to conduct the development.

We can help you. MIRWEC Coating’s knowledgeable staffs can help select coating liquid, formulate, find the optimal substrate and create a sample for you. If you like the sample, we have the facility to create marketing samples or to support production manufacturing, which eliminates the need to find another facility and save you time.

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Coating Consultation

You have a great idea for a new flexible material, but you have no idea how to materialize it. Or, you already have a flexible material on the market, but you need to make improvements to be more competitive, and you need advice on how to proceed.

We can help you. MIRWEC Coating is staffed with extremely knowledgeable coating engineers who have many years of experience in the coating industry. We can run experiments on our small R2R coating machines to find the best solution for you and we can also give you advice on your materials as well.

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Unusual Coating Process

You have a thin film material that require unusual coating process and none of the coating service providers can help you.

We may be able to help you. All coating machines at MIRWEC are designed and manufactured by the parenting company, Yasui Seiki, who is the world renowned leading manufacturer of precision thin film coating machines in Japan. We work closely with the customers and have made numerous unorthodox modifications to our coating machines to accommodate some of the most challenging coating processes in the world.

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